It’s been an exciting new year at NCDAA!  We have been redesigning our mission to include a focus on the whole child and whole family.  As we all know drug and alcohol prevention includes more than factual information about substance.  It begins in early childhood talking often and early about the dangers of drug and alcohol use in addition to metal health and making positive choices.  Please check out our website for some useful resources and tools to review.


Part of our new initiative is to think of our organization as a vessel for information sharing and strategic partnering.  We are honored to be an annual sponsor this year of FAN, Family Action Network, who has taken this philosophy to the next level and brought talent to likes of David and Nic Sheff, Adam Grant,Kay Redfield Jamison, Dan Siegel, and the infamous Temple Grandin.  These spectacular events are free and open to the public.  Furthermore, NCDAA has partnered with Family Service Center to host several talks about substance abuse.  We look forward to hosting several more of these panel discussions.  As we remold a new version of Parent University for the next generation you can rest assured the information will be useful and applicable.


CAN (Community Activities of Northbrook) a youth lead organization, ran a successful bike drive and donated both adult and youth bicycles to a wonderful organization called Working Bikes.  In addition, two dynamic high school students organized a Prom Fashion Show that raised funds for our cause!  We are honored to begin an annual tradition that will assist in supporting our efforts to impact our community.


NCDAA will become part of Illinois Chapter of Stand for the Silent!  We are thrilled to do work in the anti-bullying movement by supporting and implementing anti-bullying culture in our village.


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